Saint Paul Urban Tennis Registration

Summer Session 2019 - Junior Team Tennis
07/16/2019 - 07/26/2019
Event Registration is closed.

Saint Paul Urban Tennis is using a new system for registrations this year! While it bring us exciting capabilities, it will have some growing pains as well. We ask for your patience, understanding, and help in making this system work for all of us! Please follow these instructions for registration: 

  1. Identify your class and location at
  2. Look at our payment guidelines for the recommended payment amount for your family.*
  3. Fill out page one of the registration form with the Parent/Guardian information. 
  4. Fill out page two of the registration with the participant information (you may register multiple participants by adding attendees at the bottom) 
  5. Fill our you payment information on page three. You may pay by credit or pay later with a check.**

*Payment guidelines are outlined in the table above. 

**SPUT recommends paying by check if not paying online or at our headquarters. Checks are easier to track and ensure safe deposit. 

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