Saint Paul Urban Tennis Registration

2020 Summer - Half Day Camps
06/22/2020 - 07/31/2020

Please follow these instructions for registration (if you have difficulties with our online platform, please follow this link for a paper form. Fill it out, take a picture, and email it to

  1. Identify your class and location here.
  2. Look at our payment guidelines for the recommended payment amount for your family.*
  3. Fill out page one of the registration form with the Parent/Guardian information.
  4. Fill out page two of the registration with the participant information (you may register multiple participants by adding attendees at the bottom)
  5. Fill our you payment information on page three. You may pay by credit or pay later with a check.**

*Payment guidelines are outlined in the table above.

**SPUT recommends paying by check if not paying online or at our headquarters. Checks are easier to track and ensure safe deposit.

Ticket Options

Ticket Price Quantity
$5 Registration
75% Off
50% Off
25% Off
Full Price

Program Registration: Parent/Guardian or Adult Information (Page 1 of 3)

Please use this page to fill out contact information for the parent/guardian of the participating child.  Information for the attendee/participant will be recorded on the next page. If you are registering yourself, please fill in your personal information and select the option, "Include myself as an attendee" at the bottom of this section.  If you would like to register more than one participant, please say how many in the field, "How many people would you like to sign up?" If you encounter difficulties with registration, please contact us.


Create an Account (Optional) 

If you would like to create an account to save time on future registrations, do so below.  Accounts are not required to register.  Your password must be at least eight characters long, and contain at least one number. 

Waiver Statement:

SPUT Participant Waiver Statement

Consent (must be signed by adult parent/guardian):

I hereby give my children permission to participate in the tennis program described and assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activity. In the event of an emergency, I authorize the Saint Paul Urban Tennis staff to provide or arrange for basic medical care for my children and expect that they will contact me at the earliest opportunity.

I give permission for images of my child, captured through video or photo, to be used solely for the purposes of promoting Saint Paul Urban Tennis and tennis in Saint Paul and waive any rights of compensation or ownership there to. I also give permission for my child’s demographic data to be entered into the Sprocket’s St. Paul Out of School Time database.

 If you would like to opt out of any of the above, please contact us at for an opt out form.

required fields

Please proceed to the next page to enter youth participant information. 

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