Summer Session 2019 - Junior Team Tennis


Sign up for Junior Team Tennis (JTT) with Saint Paul Urban Tennis! JTT is best suited for players ages 10-18 and who want to play a higher level of tennis. All ability levels are welcome, but newer players may experience a bit of a learning curve as the learn to hit with more experienced players. Participants learn healthy competition and have an opportunity to learn more advanced tennis technique and strategy. This is an exciting opportunity to play tennis as part of a team!


Welcome to summer with Saint Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT)! We'll be learning tennis and life skills together and building community to make the world a better place! Our classes are ideal for all ages and ability levels. Teen classes use the traditional yellow balls and coaches will offer varied opportunities for instruction, drilling, and game play. We train our coaches to differentiate lessons for all ability levels so beginner to advanced players can get quality instruction. Our tennis lessons encourage healthy activity and positive relationships through our SPUT SPIRIT philosophy. 


  • Junior Team Tennis involves longer practices and more rigorous drilling. Our goal with this program is to advance the abilities of players who seek to play tennis on their high school teams or in tournaments. Regististration includes transportation to matches. All JTT participants are asked to play in the All City Tournament (see information below). 
  • Matches happen at various sites across Saint Paul on Thursday afternoons. We will pick up and drop off players at their home site. 
  • Please visit our Summer 2019 page for all information related to summer programming! There you will find an interactive site map, registration links, weather updates, and more! (quick tip: bookmark the page if you plan to participate in summer programming, it will be a one stop shop for our families!) 
  • No programming will take place on July 4th, however we will have lessons July 1-3
  • Please consider participating in our All City Tournament on July 19th (ages 12 and under) and July 20th (ages 12-18) Open to all ages and ability levels! No fee, but donation is encouraged! 
  • This year we will have play days, clinics, and pop up events, please subscribe to our email list for updates! 
  • Please note that we are no longer using the hub and spoke model of Summer 2018. All sites will be 4 days for Summer 2019! 
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